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Ten ‘stealth microplastics’ to avoid if you want to save the oceans

Theresa May’s new environment plan sets ambitious goals for plastic waste reduction. But there’s lots of room for slippage. One goal is to eradicate all “avoidable” plastic waste, though it’s not clear...

24 January 2018

8 Projects That Make Tomorrow’s Cities

Pollution, overcrowding, lack of resources to spread access to basic services, housing shortage and infrastructure degradation… Cities face major social and environmental challenges today. The United Nations have made “Sustainable...


Country for Syria, one year after Waynak : ‘our music builds community between Syrians and Turks’ #1

Rachenitsa is the fifth song from Istanbul-based ten-piece Country For Syria (and that’s modestly counting their indispensable sound engineer). Witnesses to the evolving migrant crises since 2015 Owen Harris, accordion...

6 December 2017

3 ways tech can ease our minds, not pollute them

A commonly overlooked issue today is mental health. Still considered as less impacting than physical health, and often not clearly recognized as such by people experiencing mental health problems themselves,...

23 November 2017

TechFugees Summit : ‘there’s a real need adapt existing tech solutions to the situation on the ground’

A blockchain for clothes distribution, Truckshop; crowdsourcing higher education access policy, Hear Alliance; measuring community happiness in refugee resettlement program, Refugees Say. We hear from three grassroots refugee projects who...

14 November 2017

Rania: “There are so many amazing stories to tell about women!”

Last June, Rania, a Syrian refugee from Kobane, filmed her journey to Vienna. Her documentary gives us a rare insight through a personal account of what asylum seekers experience during...

2 November 2017

10 social businesses that use technology to help refugees

How technology can impact refugees lives positively? How can it help them communicate with their family, find a home, a job, empower and integrate themselves in their new country? These...

24 October 2017
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