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Join the ArchiWaste mobilization, from the Future of Waste program, and let’s support the people bringing solutions to prevent, recycle and reuse waste in architecture and construction!

Did you know that… every 15 seconds, the equivalent of an olympic-size swimming pool of sand is extracted for cement production? That 85% of a house could be reused or recycled but in the EU, most of it go to backfilling operations? That construction and demolition waste is more significant than households waste - it accounts for 50% of all solid waste in some countries? And that an earthship house enables little to no utility bills during its lifespan?

Taking this into account, MakeSense is launching the mobilization campaign ArchiWaste in the framework of the Future of Waste program. It aims at accelerating the rise and development of initiatives tackling these numerous issues thanks to the involvement of citizens feeling concerned about it.

After having spoken with different players of the construction field about the current challenges, we identified 3 main ones on which the mobilization will focus:

1 - Better conceive: How to build with methods and materials that enable to limit waste or facilitate the act of reusing?

2 - Better source: How to ensure a fluent procurement in order to exploit the second-hand resources of a deconstruction site?

3 - Better reuse: How to succeed in integrating the reuse materials in construction?

By means of film debates, visits, challenge resolution workshops, ideation days, conferences, and much more… we invite every citizen and every project leader to take part so that synergies emerge, sensibilization happen, solutions are highlighted and a new dynamic is given to strong impact projects in these areas.

To get involved on ArchiWaste, join our facebook group !

Click here to learn more about the program Future of Waste !

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By MakeSense

Remember, it is not one or two organizations that will revolution the way we collect our waste, but collective action from citizens, social entrepreneurs, makers and organizations. That’s why this TRACK is happening in partnership with SUEZ and other active NGOs on the field.

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